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Lubec, Maine

Lubec, Maine

Lubec, Maine

Pronunciation: Loo-beck

Population: Approximately 1,200

Average Age: 65 years

Internet: Spectrum

Cell Phone Service: Sketchy

Real Estate: People sell summer homes, estates, etc., but don’t expect them to drop the list price because 9 times out of 10, they don’t necessarily mind if the property sells or not and they will just keep it listed until someone offers the purchase price.

Local Events:

~ Bay of Fundy International Marathon occurs each year in June, bringing in 1,000 people, but honestly these folks are literally just in Lubec to run in the Marathon, not make friends

~ Summer Keys (think of piano keys) occurs each year over the summer months – students take private music lessons with international artists and music is performed by professionals on Wednesday evenings

~ Pirate Invasion occurs each year over Labor Day Weekend

Sight Seeing:

Take a 30-minute ferry ride to Eastport for the day ($25 per person, round-trip)

Hiking – different areas offer 5-mile hikes

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse (pron. Kwa-dee)

A Week in Lubec:

Last summer (2018) I traveled with some friends to Lubec, Maine, a small fishing village located on the coast of the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy, just a stones throw from Canada, so bring your passport.

While in Lubec I witnessed the most beautiful sunsets from my window-facing seat in my lovely room at The Inn on the Wharf, the bay was quite literally right outside my window…quite literally; talk about a room with a view.  I sat in my window-facing seat each day for what seemed like hours, just being thankful for spectacular views and living life in the moment, so blessed to have such great friends to invite me along on a journey to this fascinating little corner of the world.  At first, I was a little confused why there was no television in my room, but after the first day, I didn’t even care; I don’t really watch much television anyhow (books are better).

Thankfully though, there was a kitchen/dining commons kitchen area just outside my room, so I could have my nightly tea. Also, thankfully, there is a restaurant on the property, Fisherman’s Wharf, which was absolutely perfect.  However, if you don’t have your dinner by 8:00 PM you are outta luck. 

It’s still a little chilly in Maine at the end of June/beginning of July, especially for this Missouri girl who loves her long hot summer days.  I actually had to buy a pair of thick socks - Solmate Socks, the best 20-some dollars I’ve ever spent - and turn on the heat.  When I first arrived and was shown where the thermostat was and how to turn on the heat, I thought really? – use the heat in June? and probably actually giggled a little…but let me tell ya, when the fog rolled in, it got quite chilly. Plus I loved sleeping with the windows open, letting the sound of waves lull me to sleep each night.

While vising Lubec, my friends and I took a day trip to Eastport which I highly recommend.  Another day we had lunch across the bridge on Campobello Island, Canada sitting on the patio deck of an establishment, overlooking the Bay of Fundy.  You need your passport to cross the bridge into Canada, and they ask a lot more questions when you’re coming back across the bridge, returning to the U.S.  It was the strangest experience, especially when you were only gone for a couple of hours – talk about folks having multiple personalities.  Upon leaving the U.S., Have a great day, enjoy your lunch in Canada.  Upon returning to the U.S., Where have you been, what were you doing, who were you with…it’s like being 15 years old again and interrogated by your parents.

One of my favorite establishments in Lubec is the Lubec Brewing Company (only open Thursday through Sunday while we were there, and they close at 8 PM on Saturday night, so plan accordingly).  My beer preference was a golden ale called Prohibition.  The pizza was fabulous with the crust handmade each day using beer yeast but when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Not only does the brewery close at 8 PM on Saturday, pretty much the whole town shuts down by 8 PM on any given night, and only a handful of businesses stay open year-round.  Again, if you don’t get dinner by 8:00 PM…you’re SOL.

My friends and I played card games, enjoyed fresh seafood, tried a new place to eat almost every day, went sightseeing, house hunting, and of course indulged in Monica’s Chocolate – oh lawd, I’m so glad Monica lives in Maine and not Missouri or my tush would probably be the size of Maine, no thank you.  Speaking of sweets, I’m not a big fan of pies really (except for French Silk pie) and especially not a fan of fruit pies, but I bought an individual blueberry pie at the local farmer’s market from the Pie Ladies and ohmygoodness, it was the best thing since sliced bread and Monica’s chocolates.  Apparently, blueberries are a thing in Maine…a very, very good thing.

All-in-all it was a great trip, a wonderful experience filled with a lot of firsts, and if/when my friends move out east, I will definitely visit – in the summer…there’s no way I could last through a Maine winter, I barely survive Missouri winters. 

One thing I love most about Lubec is the slower pace of life ~ the locals definitely know how to live.

Until next time, safe travels.

And remember, go somewhere once a year you’ve never been before!

Photo by Krista Watkins

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