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Road Trip to Dallas

Road Trip to Dallas

Klyde Warren Park is a 5.2-acre public park in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  The park is over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway, and opened in 2012.  It is named for Klyde Warren, the young son of billionaire Kelcy Warren.  -Wikipedia

This place is incredible! I have been many places, and still counting, but in April 2015 I spent a whopping 24 hours in the Dallas area where it was sunny and the temperature was in the 80's, while back home in Missouri the weather was cold and dreary - I could not take this weather another day.  I didn't want to spend the weekend at home alone, and I was in some desperate need of some girl time with my Texas talk, walk, clear my head, decompress, and get some sunshine into my system.  It was a hugely successful 24 hours.

This particular weekend I got up early on Saturday morning, merged onto the interstate at 4:15 AM.  I spent the next six hours doing a little bit of driving and a lot of thinking with periods of singing in the car - loudly...I'm a great car singer, by the way - in case you are wondering!!  Anyhow, I arrived in Dallas at approximately 11 AM on Saturday morning with the sun shining and traffic out of control - God how I love Dallas!!  In case you are not familiar with Dallas traffic, if you do not drive 80 mph going through the city, you will indeed get run over.

I got to my Texas bestie's house where we sat around for a bit playing catch-up before hitting North Dallas for some fun in the sun.  After a Tex-Mex lunch on a patio (where we had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a parking lot incident - NOTE TO SELF: do not try to park a very large SUV into a tiny parking space that is clearly marked 'compact cars only' -- especially when the tiny parking spot next to it (also clearly marked 'compact cars only') has a very large SUV already in it...just sayin'...), we spent the afternoon at Klyde Warren Park, which is AMAZING.  It has tons of fun stuff to do for little kids, big kids, and bigger kids (otherwise known as "adults")...and it's pet friendly, with its very own pet park.

There are fountains for the kids to play in - teeny tiny fountains for the teeny tiny kids and big fountains for the big kids.  There is an indoor cafe/restaurant, an outdoor concession stand, a very large covered patio area and small tables and chairs all throughout the park.  There are adult beverages available that you can purchase and take anywhere in the park (you don't have to stay in any specific area) and there are food trucks lined up along the street - pizza, ice cream, etc.  There are ping pong tables, books you can read, an open area for playing frisbee or soccer (or whatever your leisure sport may be) - there is literally something to do for everyone.  

I wish I had taken pictures...that is my only regret.

Every city needs a Klyde Warren Park.  Next time you're in Dallas, check it out - there is always something to do here.

For your next weekend getaway, consider a road-trip to Dallas and spend a day at Klyde Warren Park with your friends, family, and/or significant other…trust me, it’s worth it.

Photo by Paula May via Unsplash

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