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Len & Grace Bates

Len & Grace Bates

Our stories begin with our heritage. Mine include the late John Leonard (Len) Bates, Sr. and Grace Dunham Bates, hence GraceLyn Square. Most of what I know about my grandmother, Grace, I have learned through my mom and great aunts, as she passed before I was born. My grandfather, Grandpa Bates, also lovingly referred to as ‘Len’ by friends, has left me with a history I am still learning about - for instance, painting. Both Grandpa Bates and his brother, Uncle Earl, were hobby artists, such as myself. A day doesn’t go by that I wish my Grandad were still here…there are so many things I know I could learn from him. However, my grandparents continue to live everyday, in my heart.

Pictured above: John Leonard (Jay) Bates, Jr., Jill Mae Bates, and Grace Dunham Bates

Pictured below: Grace Dunham Bates and John Leonard (Len) Bates, Sr., respectively

Photos Courtesy of Jill Bates

Grace Dunham Bates

John Leonard (Len) Bates, Sr.