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Daylight Savings Time – HOORAY!!!  I know some prefer boring old Standard Time, but I do not.  I love when it stays light outside later in the evening and I would be ecstatic if it just stayed Daylight Savings Time year-round.  I could care less if it stays darker longer in the mornings – I am not a morning person. 

So, in light of Daylight Savings Time ~ pun intended ~ here’s a little recipe for Happiness


2 Heaping Cups of Patience

1 Cup Full of Obedience

1 Heart Full of Love

A Dash of Laughter

2 Hands Full of Generosity

1 Head Full of Understanding

*Sprinkle freely with Kindness ~ add plenty of Faith ~ mix well

*Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve to everyone you meet

Courtesy of Alice Bancroft via Cooks Delight Cookbook (copyright 1968-1985)

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

A Cup of Cake

A Cup of Cake

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadilla