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The Tournament Trilogy

The Tournament Trilogy

The Tournament Trilogy


B.B. Griffith

Weeks 1 thru 3: January 1 – 19, 2019

Book One ~ Blue Fall

When I first started reading this book it was hard to follow along.  There was a lot going on, a lot of characters to follow and I really wasn’t even sure about the plot but I stuck with it; I promise you’ll love it.

As you learn about The Tournament and start to better understand the teams and players, it might remind you of a combination of the Olympics, X-Games and Assassin’s Creed (not that I have played video games since 1990 (okay, maybe once or twice, if Ms. Pac-Man counts) nor do I even know how to play Assassin’s Creed, but none the less, I think you get my point).  The biggest struggle for me was keeping track of which country was which color (being slightly dyslexic this was a bit of a struggle at first) ~ there are eight countries, hence eight teams, and each has a color associated with it.

USA is Blue; Russia is Black; England is Grey; Ireland is Green; Italy is Gold; Japan is Red; France is Silver; and Mexico is White

Throughout this trilogy you begin to build a love/hate relationship with each team. By the end you find admiration for all of them, even the biggest villains.

Your hero, Johnny Northern and his Team Blue break your heart while you cheer on other teams across the world.  For The Tournament players, freedom is their price and the entire globe is their playground. Stakes remain high and become exceedingly higher through the trilogy ~ gaining speed at an astronomical pace, at every turn.

Book one, Blue Fall, leaves you craving more, as The Tournament, a secret society in its own right, becomes known to all mankind.

Book Two ~ Grey Winter

With two players murdered and two killers on the loose, Grey Winter awakens the masses as the world learns about The Tournament, leaving the rebuilding and recovery of teams, at times, seemingly impossible.  A winner cannot be declared until the truth is clear.

Can new alliances be formed?  Can players learn from each other’s mistakes? And what about this Frank Youngsmith character – he’s a hot mess, minus the hot. 

In Grey Winter, you are comfortable with your knowledge of the characters, their roles and the concept of The Tournament – then you’re going to ask yourself if this could be real…and my answer to you is anything’s possible

Book Three ~ Black Spring

Black Spring brings you The Black House, and the power it exudes; can anyone stop them?  Ellie Willmore is so young and innocent, why was she chosen?  Was it because of her sheer willpower?  One will never know.  But if SOMEBODY doesn’t do SOMETHING, the world as we know it will cease to exist.  Not only for The Tournament, but for civilization everywhere. Losers not only lose the game, but their life and the freedom they cherish.

You can find these books online at Griffith Publishing ~ Get your Kindle, Nook or iTunes version of Blue Fall FREE today and download Grey Winter and Black Spring for only $2.99 each.

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