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Union Street Bakery

Union Street Bakery

The Union Street Bakery


Mary Ellen Taylor

Week 4: January 20 – 26, 2019

I’m not sure where or how I got turned on to this book, but I fell in love with The Union Street Bakery right away and saw some of myself in Daisy McCrae who finds herself tucking her tail and going home.

Home, may not always be part of the plan, but might be what you need.  Finding herself and her place in the life of her family, Daisy also finds a ghost, a past, and a journal, along with answers about her own heritage.

I love this book because of the bakery, the town, the family and of course the food ~ complete with recipes.  I can’t wait to try Rachel’s Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

After reading this book I looked up more books by Mary Ellen Taylor , author of timeless women’s fiction, and low and behold Daisy’s story continues with Sweet Expectations (next week’s read).

I hope you enjoy Union Street Bakery as much as I did.

What are you currently reading?  Is there a book we can read together?  I look forward to your comments…

Happy Reading!







Sweet Expectations

Sweet Expectations

The Tournament Trilogy

The Tournament Trilogy